Suzuki Stringers

"Music is the language of the heart without words."  - Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

About Suzuki

Suzuki has found that children can learn very well at a young age.  Teaching in the United States has substantiated this belief and experimentation is constantly employed to see exactly how much can be accomplished at this stage of development.  Lessons should be a happy experience, where both parent and teacher become involved in the marvel of the unfolding process of learning.

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Congratulations to our newest graduates!  It's wonderful when all the hard work can be shared..


My goal is to help children find passion, appreciation and dedication through learning to play the violin in a fun and friendly environment!



"I cannot speak more highly of her capabilities or her love of music and children." -- Robin Hodsdon Morin, Pownell, Maine


"Last summer we began interviewing Suzuki violin teachers for Emma.   Since she is a somewhat reserved and sensitive child, we felt she’d do best with a very nurturing and positive teacher.  We immediately knew we found the perfect fit when we met Laura. This was confirmed a few months later when Emma’s grandmother asked her what she liked most about playing the violin and she responded with 'I love my teacher'. 

The violin is a relatively difficult instrument to learn, yet Laura manages to make daily practices and weekly individual and group lessons both informative and fun – even for a 5 year old!  She is flexible and adjusts her approach to best suit the individual child’s or group’s needs and interests." -- Stacie Bowden, Falmouth, ME


Currently accepting new students. 

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